Additional Advice

You should expect your attorney to ask a number of questions about you and your overall situation. Your attorney should give you some advice on your situation at the initial meeting, including what to expect as you situation moves forward. Your attorney should also give you clear guidance on the options available to you, and discuss what further work may be necessary.
Your first meeting is a chance for your attorney to get to know you and your situation, and for you to get to know your attorney. It is also the time to get some advice on any immediate issues, and discuss long term strategies. You can prepare by writing down any questions you might have, compiling any documentation you feel is pertinent to your divorce, and creating notes that include a chronology and summary of the events that have led to the separation.
While bringing documents is not necessary, it may help to bring recent tax returns, bank statements pay stubs, important e-mails and letters, and any official papers you have been served by the court system. You can also contact your attorney’s office and ask for a list of what else to bring to the meeting

If you have been presented with an Agreement to sign, consult with an attorney right away. You need to make sure that you are not waiving important rights.

Please visit the our Client Forms page, select the appropriate form aligned with your legal matter. Print and complete the form and bring it to your consultation.

Attorney’s fees in most divorce cases are handled on an hourly basis. You can save money by saving your legal counsel time.

A few ways you can make your divorce more cost effective include:

  • Begin with the best. Changing attorneys is costly, do your homework ahead of time and start with legal counsel who will meet your needs.

  • Be prepared and organized for your meetings. Make extra copies of any needed documents, keep them organized and properly labeled.

  • Communicate effectively. Consolidate all of your questions and information into one email or phone call.

  • Inform yourself. Take the time on your own to learn about divorce in Virginia.

  • While this should never be used as a substitute for the advice of experienced counsel, this education empowers you and can help frame your discussions with your attorney.

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