“I had gone to two different attorneys for a divorce and custody issues. All they did was take my money and do nothing to move the case forward. I hired Barbara to represent me and everything changed. She was very responsive and showed compassion relative to my circumstances. I was awarded shared custody and now I can be the father to my daughter that I have always wanted to be. One of the best decisions I have ever made.” – Ortega

“I had hired an attorney close to 2 years prior to meeting Barbara. My old attorney barely did anything on my case and did not stay in communication. Once I hire Barbara, she started working diligently on my case and just helped me wrap up my divorce case. She was timely in her communication and showed integrity in everything she did. I appreciate her hard work and dedication.” – Brian

“I hired Barbara to represent me in my divorce and custody from my ex-wife. I was happy that she was known for having a track record with successfully helping men with their rights. My outcome was great and I appreciate her honesty along the way. She is definitely worth hiring for family law matters.” – Jason

“I retained Barbara Fuller in 2003 for a custody and child support case, and could not be happier with the results. She is an amazing woman and what sets her apart from other attorneys is her compassion, integrity, and ability to show empathy for all clients. You cannot go wrong with Barbara and I have referred her for years!!! I have used her services as well in 2005-present with numerous family law issues.” – Ann

“Barbara Fuller has been representing me for 2 years now. During the most stressful thing in my life, the only peace I have is knowing Barbara is by my side. Thank you for everything you do and caring for your client’s well-being.” – Shelia

“She has been very helpful with my divorce and has been there in answering my questions especially when crisis hit my family. She reassured me I did the right thing.” – Sam

“Barbara is a highly effective attorney in the court room and she makes things happen. She has protected my parental rights. I highly recommend her services.” – Aaron

“Barbara Fuller is an amazing attorney and confidant in handling sensitive cases. She is determined to give you the desired results you are seeking with your custody and divorce issues. She is committed and highly efficient in her work.” – Scott

“In my experience through a friend, Fuller is entirely professional and trustworthy. She is timely and very cost effective with her work. My friend’s overall experience with her has been excellent and really helped her get through the divorce process smoothly.” – Tammy

“Ms. Fuller is a wonderful attorney and confidant. She is determined to give you the desired results you are seeking with your custody and divorce issues. She is committed, dedicated, caring, and highly efficient in all aspects of her work, Hire Ms. Fuller and you will not be disappointed!!!” – Riley

“For women seeking a divorce, she has more empathy than the typical attorney, in my opinion, and does an excellent job.” – Gina

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